Pure Maltese Pups

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We are a Maltese loving family. We raise our Maltese puppies in the house, the parents are our pets. We are located near Seattle, Washington. All of our dogs are raised around children of different ages and around Siberian cats. They do well together.

  • We specialize in raising purebred Maltese puppies
  • Hypoallergenic puppies for people with allergies
  • We have local and imported from Europe parents
  • We are located South of Seattle, Washington


Comfy in a basket :)
Comfy in a basket 🙂

I purchased my first Maltese in 2010 and fell in love with the breed. We looked for a puppy that is hypoallergenic; our son has allergies to many things, so we wanted to be safe picking a puppy that will not worsen the symptoms.

We found out that this is an amazing breed. They love to be around people, they love attention, and they love to cuddle.

They make great family companions. With these little fluff balls you will never feel alone in the house. we treat all of our dogs with respect. Each dog has a name and a different personality. They have a great home at puremaltesepups.

My goal is to raise healthy puppies by making smart breeding choices, providing premium food, fresh filtered water and giving them loving environment. We have raised puppies before and did not have any health issues. The females receive special diet, vitamins and supplements after mating to assure you a healthy puppy from the start. Mom and dad are vaccinated and wormed on schedule. They are groomed on the regular basis. Dental care as needed or annually. Learn more about maltese puppy care here.

Cute buddies :)
Cute buddies 🙂

Please, contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions about their great personalities, hypoallergenic qualities or how one can be your perfect companion.